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misuse defines a new approach of how furniture can be designed sustainably and made available democratically today. this approach is together with the criticism of predominant industrial patterns manifested in the objects themselves.


what? functional and appealing objects for the private context that can be built by oneself, using only existing products as well as semi-finished and finished parts, which can be bought in the local hardware store for little money. 

how? any object can easily be built by using the open source misuse manuals. no special knowledge or professional tools are needed for the construction. in the manuals you will find a list of all necessary parts and their prices, a list of required tools, the building instructions themselves and an approximate indication of time needed.

why? by using already existing products as well as semi-finished and finished parts from the hardware store, the objects do not consume any new resources. in this way, the objects save the environment, set a statement against industrial consumption and make good design democratically accessible to everyone. sidefact: they are fun to build!

all the manuals for self-construction can be downloaded on the pages of the individual objects.


maximilian helmut ewert

+49 17662540092


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