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più                                                                                       2021                                                                                       lamp                                                                                     steel, plastic

by flattening one side of the classic conical shape of a lampshade, a functional level was created that, on the one hand, allows for easy assembly as both a wall and free-standing luminaire and, on the other hand, creates space for the electronics, which are housed exclusively inside the shade. looking at the production, expensive mechanics and adhesives are not needed. instead, the sensually reinterpreted lampshade can be moved and tilted by its own weight and mechanical friction on the restrained and timeless frame.

trestle chair                                                                    2019                                                                             dynamic sitting                                                                            bended beech veneer

trestle chair is a flexible piece of seating furniture that offers different sitting positions, ergonomically supporting the user in his or her sitting position and thus stimulating a new and healthy interaction between man and furniture. the design of the seating furniture is based on a trestle and is supplemented by a multifunctional backrest. the long & narrow seat with its unconventional shape invites you to think about possible uses and to discover new sitting positions.