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mt-l01 is a lantern-like luminaire with a telescopic post. This allows the telescopic post to change the height of the luminaire and adjust it depending on the application. The long cable also allows the luminaire to be moved flexibly around the room. If you shorten the telescopic pole and lean the lantern against the table, you get a flexible working light. However, if you extend the telescopic rod to its full length and place the base in a beer crate, for example, you get a lantern that illuminates the surroundings or entire rooms.

Originally, the telescopic pole is used as a broomstick or also as a rod and handle for cleaning windows. The lower end of the telescopic stick is closed with a non-slip rubber cap to prevent slipping. The upper end of the telescopic rod is closed with a plastic cap. The lamp holder itself and the cables are attached to the telescopic rod with cable ties.


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