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kw-r01 is a rack element that can be mounted free-floating on the wall to store small to medium-sized objects or utensils. Its materiality of extruded aluminum creates a stable aluminum profile that finds its use in almost any context and elegantly blends into its surroundings. Executed in raw state, the anodized surface turns out to be extremely resistant, so that even contact with water is not a problem.

The aluminum profile finds its origin in drywall construction, is originally used for plastering large areas and is called Kartätsche. It is available in standard lengths of 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm. Thereby the h-shaped design enables a stable and firm grip during the work to be done. In addition, all longitudinal edges are provided with curves to prevent injuries.

In the case of the kw-r01 shelf element, the h-shape is used for fastening to the wall. For this purpose, a square wooden bar and a narrower wooden bar are screwed together and then fastened to the wall with dowels. By rounding one edge of the wooden bar and the curves in the grip area, the aluminum profile can finally be easily clicked onto the wooden bar.


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