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pw-s01 is a rolling stool, which is particularly suitable for working as well as for temporary sitting due to its mobility. Due to the plastic body, the rolling stool is also very stable and insensitive. Characteristic for the rolling stool is the conical shape as well as the offset in the lower area, which visually gives stability and tempts to rest the feet.

The body of the stool is made of an upside down flower pot. These are available in different colors. The offset in the lower part of the body not only visually gives stability, rather it is essential for the construction inside, which is thereby charmingly recognizable. Thus, inside the body, a wooden board interlocks with the offset, to which four casters are screwed.

The bottom and at the same time the seat of the flower pot is supplemented with a rubber mat for comfort. The rubber mat has its origin as an underlay for washing machines to prevent the machine from traveling and to reduce noise. So the rubber mat on the one hand provides a more comfortable seating and also covers the bottom of the flower pot.


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