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bw-d01 is a desk that can accommodate up to eight people. Thus, the table can be used both as a dining table and as a spacious workplace. Characteristic of the table is the massive central foot on which the table top is fixed. The foot represents the central element of the table, especially since the table top can be any material and therefore adapted to the context.

The base of the table is originally used as a rain barrel. In the example shown, a 210 liter barrel is used to achieve a minimum height of 74 cm. Also, in the example shown, an OSB board is used, which makes the table so particularly suitable for workshops and craft work.

The edges of the worktop are covered with aluminum profiles. On the one hand, this prevents the wooden top from tearing out and also ensures that no injuries are caused by the unfinished edges of the table top. Inside the base are two 25 kg sandbags to prevent tipping.


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